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Our Guide To 4K Projectors

Our Guide To 4K Projectors


4K is the next big thing in the entertainment display world, with this new step up, the technology is receiving serious development and is becoming an essential part of the entertainment industry.

4K is the term used to define a resolution count that is at least 4 times larger than a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels that we have all become so used to. As it stands, the most common 4K resolution consists of 3,840 x 2160 pixels; however, this can vary considerably and include resolutions of 4096 x 2160 pixels or 3006 x 2160 pixelsThe rule for 4K is that it must have at least 4 times the total pixel count of a normal 1080p HD resolution. Formally speakingthe industry standard for 4K is defined as being 4096 x 20160 pixels.

With the development of 4K under way, the most important emerging gadgets from the 4K era include TVs, cameras and projectors.  Today we are going to focus on 4K projectors and give you a solid run down of everything that you need to know if you are thinking of investing.

As an Audio Visual company, we have noted an increase in 4K projector orders and rightly so.  We want to tell you why we love 4K projectors and why it might be worthwhile upgrading.

What is a 4K projector?

Just as the name suggests, 4K projectors are entertainment digital cinema systems that offer the ability to project either photo or video content onto any vertical or even upside down blank space.

The main difference we found between 4K projectors and conventional HD projectors is that they offer far sharper 3,840 x 2160 pixel resolutions and usually also include a whole host of beefed up visual rendering that the cheaper HD models just don’t have.

Essentially what 4K projectors give you is the ability to take regular HD TV or video content including any 4K content you have and project them onto your walls and any number of projection screens that can range from 55” diagonal width to a whopping 300” screen.

Why should I get a 4K Projector instead of a 4K TV?

Aside from the obvious differences in the design and set-up, a 4K projector and 4K TV differ mainly in price and overall quality. With a projector, you are investing in a specifically designed entertainment system which is reflected in the cost and quality of images displayed. Almost always, the cost of the projector will outweigh that of the TV, but if you rely on providing entertainment, like football in your pub or bar, it seems obvious that the 4K projector is the correct choice.

UHD projectors offer a distinctly flexible set-up that allows you to install them in much smaller spaces, something that you cannot do with a standard UHD TV. The projector can adjust its screen size to many ranges, again this is something that cannot be achieved with a TV.

What you get with a 4K projector is outstanding. Film director Christopher Nolan (Memento, The Dark Knight, Inception) suggests that 2K digital projectors are basically just HD TVs projected. Audiences can see the difference, sit close to a 2K image projected on a big screen and you will see the individual pixels, something that your audience does not want! With 4K your audience can forget about pixels and focus on every detail of the latest movie, football match etc.

4K projectors are designed with resolution and image rendering features that leave things such as a hazy visual and faded projection behind, delivering a visual clarity that is at least as good if not better than that of their 4KTV counterparts.

What’s the difference in UHD and 4K?

There is usually no practical difference as 4K and UHD are used interchangeably by most manufacturers and if you see either applied to a TV or projector then you are looking at a 4K device.

Formally the 4K specifically signifies an industry resolution standard of 4096 x 2160 pixels and more common resolutions of 3,840 x 2160 pixels. UHD is the more general term that is used to describe resolutions that are smaller than 4K but still two or three times larger than Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels).

What can we watch on 4K Projectors?

The same content that you view on any 4K TV can be viewed on 4K projectors as they come with full connectivity for satellite (Sky, BT, Virgin etc.) broadband and other devices such as DVD and Blu-Ray players just like an everyday modern TV.

Though just like a 4K TV, the amount of native 4K content that is publicly available is scarce right now, however people are quickly getting used to 4K pictures and because of this TV broadcasters are already trialling 4K transmissions with companies like Netflix starting to offer streaming of programs in 4K and the BBC choosing to experimentally roll out widespread 4K broadcasting over their online channels. Hanno Basse (20th Century Fox) suggests that at some point people will just expect all of their content in 4K. “It’s going to become the new norm.” Which makes us think content will become much more available within the next few years.

But while we are waiting on a full 4K future, the projectors and TVs possess an internal up scaling engine that dramatically increased the viewing of conventional HD content on your screen.

Should you buy a 4K Projector?

If you really want the best entertainment for your customers then YES, these projectors are the best products on the market. They offer your audience a world of content, with more specialist content including sports, live concerts. By updating to a 4K projector you could boost your sales by offering the highest quality for your customers. To find out more, get in touch and we can advise you further!



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Are You Beer Garden Ready?

Are You Beer Garden Ready?

AV Installer

There are few finer pleasures in life than sitting in a pub beer garden. Imagine this; the sun beating down on your back, that ice cold drink (or two) in your hand and having a laugh with your friends and family.

People love beer gardens with 61% of us agreeing that spending time in these cheerful gardens puts us in a better mood*, with this in mind it’s no wonder 53% agree this is the perfect way to spend an afternoon with our friends and family.

Although as a nation we admit to loving a good beer garden, it still remains that a staggering 61% feel that landlords fail to make the most of this outdoor space, with 31% of us thinking that if these spaces were more welcoming we would flock in our thousands to that ice cold beer! So based on these startling facts we have decided to have a look at what makes a beer garden the perfect spot to relax each summer.

So what do we know? It’s all about creating atmosphere!


Beer Garden Ready

What’s the point in a quiet beer garden? These spaces are meant to be social hubs where we can laugh, sing, dance and enjoy our summertime! By using the correct audio systems, you can switch between a relaxed atmosphere to a party style for when you hold summer events.

Outside TV screens allow your customers the perfect setting to enjoy a football match, tennis match or other sporting events while sipping their drink and catching a few rays, hooked up to the speaker system you could offer the perfect entertainment packages to match the perfect venue.

Tip: By installing quality external speakers and televisions, you can offer sporting events, chilled out music and easily change it up for hosting a range of outdoor events from BBQ’s to birthdays


Don’t pack them in!  Back in the day, Germans used to line up rectangle picnic tables in long rows to fit as many people in as possible. Nowadays people prefer the option of more privacy to socialise with their own friends and family or work groups. The more space the better, if a customer feels relaxed they are more likely to stay longer and spend more money.

Tip: Try setting up a range of seating areas; from outdoor dining spaces to longer benches for a more sociable and communal feel.

Shade and Shelter:

Let’s face it, us Brits like to moan when it’s cold and we like to moan when it’s warm. We all know about our great British summer (of about one day, if we’re lucky!)

Tip: Provide some parasols over the picnic tables and maybe use plants to give a sense of freshness while allowing these to create a natural shade for your customers.

Beer Garden Ready


We need some walls in our life! Most people are comfortable when they feel a sense of belonging, we want to feel welcomed but also like some guidance in our lives.

Tip: To make your beer garden more inviting and comfortable for your customers, try using some fencing or low planters to create some walls and a sense of enclosure to your beer garden.

Last but not least, the final ingredient for the perfect beer garden…


The beer garden has become something of a British institution and those who get it right are the ones who have thought carefully about the type of environment they want to create for their customers.

Find out more about how our external installations can bring your beer garden to life by booking one of our free no obligation survey and quotes.

Get in touch today info@soundnsecure.com

*figures from: http://www.camra.org.uk/

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Put The ‘A’ Back In AV

Put The ‘A’ Back In AV


Audio systems are still an afterthought for many when it comes to designing and implementing AV projects.

From a design prospective, I understand that audio isn’t as easy to understand as the differences between large high definition televisions and digital television systems. Sadly this means that audio takes a back seat in the priority of an AV installation meaning that less budget is allocated to it. What businesses don’t seem to grasp is that music can be enjoyed without the video, but not the other way around. For many businesses using large 4K television displays or HD projectors are becoming more frequent to attempt to make viewing easy for anyone wanting to do so. But why is it not the same with audio? If you went to the cinema and there was a rustling noise or a broken speaker interfering with the overall experience, you would leave very annoyed and in some cases wanting a full refund. When fitting an audio system, you must take into account the position of the speakers (can everyone hear the same quality? Is there an echo, or is it too quiet?)

How to overcome acoustic problems?

The first thing to inspect would be the larger surfaces such as the walls, floor and roof be the large surface areas, for example, Wood absorbs bass tones where as carpet and heavy thick curtains would absorb treble. Glass, tiles and stone are highly reflective.
When installing speakers in your business, be it an office, theatre or a pub, the common mistake of placing huge speakers at the front of the room is done all too often. If you do this, the persons at the front of the room will be deafened from the loud sounds where as those sited at the back will struggle to hear anything. With the correct audio system, there is no such thing as a good or bad seat.
At Sound and Secure, our trained technicians know all the tricks for supplying the best audio system to meet your requirements, based on your visual set up, we can suggest the best sound system to complement and enhance the overall performance of your kit. We are able to supply quotes and some support when it comes to choosing the correct location for your speakers as well as being able to install and set up all your equipment.
Have a look through our portfolio of work to get an idea of our previous installations and get in touch if you want one of our expert engineers to help you design a bespoke audio installation.

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What Is A 4K TV?

What Is A 4K TV?


Whether its HD or 4K, we supply the best quality televisions for your business


4K TV, also known as ultra HD or UHD is the next generation of televisions and visual technology. These TV’s provide the highest picture quality with an ability to display four times more detail than HD.  Today we are going to give you a bit of an overview of 4K TV’s to help you decide if this is the correct visual system for your business.

Why all the fuss about 4K?

4K ultra HD TV is the next evolution of television and visual technology providing the best picture quality to date. By installing 4K in your bar or pub your customers will be able to see everything on screen in crystal-clear, high quality detail making this the perfect platform to watch the all important football matches on Sky Sports.  Sports in high quality is as important as the beer and crisps, creating a better experience for your customers, if you entertain your customers they will stay and spend more money with you. We can pair your 4K big screen up to the perfect audio system and Sky HD box to help improve your entertainment factor and score you more sales!

A 4K HDTV picture is 3,850 x 2160 pixels, this is more than 8 million pixels in total and four times the number in a standard high-definition TV (1,920 x 1,080 pixels).  In fact the picture has so much detail… at times you would think you are actually at the football game itself (If only).

4K Televisions are 4 times  higher quality

We can supply a range of 4K TV’s including all the major brands from Samsung to LG at a range of prices to suit your needs, with our trained experts we can deliver your products with the ability to perform a high quality installation and a short introduction so you and your company fully benefit from the features of your new 4K television and of course if you run into any difficulties (not that you should) we are always on hand to support your every need.

Is 4K for you?

As you have probably guessed, 4K TV’s are big screen models (normally over 40 inch) this is because to really appreciate the higher quality images you need to watch it on a larger TV. This makes 4K televisions the perfect big screen for your bar or pub as everyone can benefit from their quality.

For more information and to get a quote about a 4K Television, or an audio system contact us today, our expert engineers can advice you on the best systems, locations and how to get the most out of your new toys!

Email us today! info@soundnsecure.com

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The Flying Horse, Manchester

The Flying Horse, Manchester

AV Installer

Sound & Secure complete the successful installation of another Hungry Horse new build site for Greene King Brewery, The Flying Horse on Styal Road near the end of the runways at Manchester Airport, the AV system incorporates JBL speakers, Wharfedale amplification, Cloud zone control, Sony recessed projector and LG Televisions and Samsung Booth Televisions along with pool table camera system and full Sky satellite installation.

  TV Installers Liverpool sound systems Audio visual Systems TV Installers AV Systems Sound & Secure Instalation AV Installer

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The Branocs Tree, Braintree

The Branocs Tree, Braintree

AV Installer

Sound & Secure Systems complete another successful installation of Audio Visual equipment at the Branocs Tree in Braintree, Essex.  Incorporating a JBL sound system, Cloud zone control and radio microphone system along with 19” booth televisions, LG 50” & 42” televisions and Mitsubishi projector.


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