There are few finer pleasures in life than sitting in a pub beer garden. Imagine this; the sun beating down on your back, that ice cold drink (or two) in your hand and having a laugh with your friends and family.

People love beer gardens with 61% of us agreeing that spending time in these cheerful gardens puts us in a better mood*, with this in mind it’s no wonder 53% agree this is the perfect way to spend an afternoon with our friends and family.

Although as a nation we admit to loving a good beer garden, it still remains that a staggering 61% feel that landlords fail to make the most of this outdoor space, with 31% of us thinking that if these spaces were more welcoming we would flock in our thousands to that ice cold beer! So based on these startling facts we have decided to have a look at what makes a beer garden the perfect spot to relax each summer.

So what do we know? It’s all about creating atmosphere!


Beer Garden Ready

What’s the point in a quiet beer garden? These spaces are meant to be social hubs where we can laugh, sing, dance and enjoy our summertime! By using the correct audio systems, you can switch between a relaxed atmosphere to a party style for when you hold summer events.

Outside TV screens allow your customers the perfect setting to enjoy a football match, tennis match or other sporting events while sipping their drink and catching a few rays, hooked up to the speaker system you could offer the perfect entertainment packages to match the perfect venue.

Tip: By installing quality external speakers and televisions, you can offer sporting events, chilled out music and easily change it up for hosting a range of outdoor events from BBQ’s to birthdays


Don’t pack them in!  Back in the day, Germans used to line up rectangle picnic tables in long rows to fit as many people in as possible. Nowadays people prefer the option of more privacy to socialise with their own friends and family or work groups. The more space the better, if a customer feels relaxed they are more likely to stay longer and spend more money.

Tip: Try setting up a range of seating areas; from outdoor dining spaces to longer benches for a more sociable and communal feel.

Shade and Shelter:

Let’s face it, us Brits like to moan when it’s cold and we like to moan when it’s warm. We all know about our great British summer (of about one day, if we’re lucky!)

Tip: Provide some parasols over the picnic tables and maybe use plants to give a sense of freshness while allowing these to create a natural shade for your customers.

Beer Garden Ready


We need some walls in our life! Most people are comfortable when they feel a sense of belonging, we want to feel welcomed but also like some guidance in our lives.

Tip: To make your beer garden more inviting and comfortable for your customers, try using some fencing or low planters to create some walls and a sense of enclosure to your beer garden.

Last but not least, the final ingredient for the perfect beer garden…


The beer garden has become something of a British institution and those who get it right are the ones who have thought carefully about the type of environment they want to create for their customers.

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