Audio systems are still an afterthought for many when it comes to designing and implementing AV projects.

From a design prospective, I understand that audio isn’t as easy to understand as the differences between large high definition televisions and digital television systems. Sadly this means that audio takes a back seat in the priority of an AV installation meaning that less budget is allocated to it. What businesses don’t seem to grasp is that music can be enjoyed without the video, but not the other way around. For many businesses using large 4K television displays or HD projectors are becoming more frequent to attempt to make viewing easy for anyone wanting to do so. But why is it not the same with audio? If you went to the cinema and there was a rustling noise or a broken speaker interfering with the overall experience, you would leave very annoyed and in some cases wanting a full refund. When fitting an audio system, you must take into account the position of the speakers (can everyone hear the same quality? Is there an echo, or is it too quiet?)

How to overcome acoustic problems?
The first thing to inspect would be the larger surfaces such as the walls, floor and roof be the large surface areas, for example, Wood absorbs bass tones where as carpet and heavy thick curtains would absorb treble. Glass, tiles and stone are highly reflective.
When installing speakers in your business, be it an office, theatre or a pub, the common mistake of placing huge speakers at the front of the room is done all too often. If you do this, the persons at the front of the room will be deafened from the loud sounds where as those sited at the back will struggle to hear anything. With the correct audio system, there is no such thing as a good or bad seat.
At Sound and Secure, our trained technicians know all the tricks for supplying the best audio system to meet your requirements, based on your visual set up, we can suggest the best sound system to complement and enhance the overall performance of your kit. We are able to supply quotes and some support when it comes to choosing the correct location for your speakers as well as being able to install and set up all your equipment.
Have a look through our portfolio of work to get an idea of our previous installations and get in touch if you want one of our expert engineers to help you design a bespoke audio installation.